Monday, May 25, 2009

Mark and his Elbow

On Tuesday Mark decided he was going to go ride his dirt bike with his friend Rob, out at Washington Dam Road. He was about ten min. into his ride when he decided that he was going to jump this jump, well needless to say he didn't quite make the jump. He ended up going to the ER.

He arrived at the ER at about 6:40 PM and had to have some X-Rays done, he knew he had broken something but was not sure how bad it was. Just take a look at this X-ray and you will see just how bad it really really was :(.
Mark, had to have surgery on his elbow at 11:30 PM. While waiting in the waiting room there was not a sole in sight. Lets just say I was a little worried since that is all there was to do. At about 1:00 Am I finally picked up the phone to the surgical room and asked if he was out of surgery yet? They said we have just finished and the Doctor should be up there in a few min. to talk to you. A few min. turned into 15 min. I was relieved when the Doctor came out and told me the surgery went well.

Mark now has a plate in his elbow with several screws. Once I get those X-rays back I will post those pictures. We stayed in the hospital for two days. So thanks for all the visitors it was nice of you to come check up on Mark. Thank you to all the Family who watched our sweet little Taylor.

Mark says he is feeling pretty good except for the road rash he has on his back......

Damage to dirt bike-$ 100.00
Damage to Mark- $12,000.00
Cost of Insurance- Priceless

I love you honey! I hope you get feeling better!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jewelery Party

Hi Everyone my friend Tara and I are hosting a Jewelery party of May 27, 2008 at 6:30-8:30. We would love it if you could come look.
Stacie Stilson makes most of her Jewelery and there a a few pictures attached.
Necklaces- $ 8.00
Earrings- $ 2.00
Interchangeable Watch Faces- $ 10.00
Interchangeable Watch Bands- $ 15.00
Cuff & Beaded Watches- $15.00
Safety Pin Watches- $ 15.00
Men's Watches- $15.00

you can check them out on her blog at

1060 W Province Way #121, St. George UT
(across from Tonaquint Cemetary, also near Dixie Commons, in the Tuscan Hills Subdivision).