Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Pictures


Family Pictures! They turned out great, Thank you so much Mr. Jeff Mahoney! Your a wonderful photographer!
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I hate people who leave junk in my comments

Can someone please tell me why I keep getting weird comments by crazy people? Since, I can't get people to stop leaving virus's on my blog I am going to have to go private. So if you would like to remain a reader on the Boren Digest then please email me your address to or leave it on my blog!

Air Supply

Mark and I had the oppritunity to go to Las Vegas and go to an Air Supply Concert! We had a blast. we had the chance to meet the band! They were sweet and the really put on a wonderful show. When we were given the tickets I was like who is Air Supply, but when they started playing their music I knew who they were. Now Mark and I are preparing our trip to Dinseyland. We are taking Taylor for her first time we are so excited!