Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Picture Overload

Here are some other pictures that were taken of our little angel!

The other night I went to see what Taylor was doing because she was being way to quiet. I go into her room she was tucking her babies into her bed one on each pillow and then she took our portable dvd player into her room and put a movie on for her babies! She then turned on the lamp and said good night. I love you and walked out. Now, I know you have to watch every little thing you do because they will copy you word for word.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread House & Crafts

Sorry it has been so long since we have posted. Life has been pretty busy for us. I went up to Sprigville three weeks ago, and hung out with my Awesome SIL Brandee. We had a blast, we went to this wood store up in SLC. I bought a few pieces of wood and turned them into some Christmas presents.

Here is the first project I made it is for some friends of ours, It was my first time using my cricut so it is not the best, but I am getting better!

Here is another craft I did using my cricut. I made this for my parents, but now I see how cute it turned out I need to go back to the wood store and get a few more so that I can have one!

Here is a Christmas decoration I just made as well, it turned out way cute!

Last night we made our gingerbread house. Taylor kept eating the candy. She had so much fun. She kept saying oh, wow.