Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thankful For My Grandma

This past weekend was a busy weekend and a not so fun one. It started on Friday with a cute stray dog that had been running through the neighborhood. On Friday night, the dog sat outside our window and just howled. I felt very bad for the dog, so the next morning I went out with some food and befriended the dog. BIG MISTAKE. I posted signs for the dog and no one called. My Grandma was getting more stressed out which was causing her to be quite sick and dizzy. My grandma had let the dog in her house so it wouldn't have to be out in the heat. She is way to nice.

On Sunday, Grandma was not well at all, she was so dizzy and worried that this dog would get killed at the pound so she was calling all these places frantically to see if they were a "no Kill" facility. Mark and I went to church in our new ward, only stayed for Sacrament, Thanks to Taylor! The sweet angel she is.... Anyways, I was preparing a nice dinner, Kevin and Christine and Katelynn were coming over for this wonderful meal.

After dinner was done we decided that we were going to play the Wii, I was stressed out because my grandma was so worried about the DUMB DOG. So I decided that the Wii is just what I needed. We started to play, we had the two girls in Taylor's Room playing with all her Toys. It was my turn to go and all of a sudden we heard this big loud THUD, and ran to Taylor's room, it was nothing in there and then all of a sudden I could hear my grandma moaning. Mark and Kevin rushed to be by her side. All I saw was blood and more blood.

Mark and I drove grandma to the ER where she had to have 25 Stitches put in her head. She had hit and artery in her head which wouldn't stop bleeding, so they had to clot the blood, then gave her 5 stitches on the inside, then 20 on the outside.

Grandma is doing ok now, I am just grateful that Mark was here to help me. I don't know if I could have pulled it off by myself. I am also grateful to have such a wonderful grandma who would do anything for us. I love you Grandma and hope you get feeling better soon.

Also, thank you for those of you who helped out with Grandma and also with watching Taylor.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a fun weekend

Christine & Hillary (holding Taylor) and playing horse shoes

Rob & Mark battling it out in horse shoes

Katelynn & Taylor on the Teeter-Totter!

The Kids Enjoying the Cabin




Annual Cabin Trip

Mark & Hillary & Taylor

Kevin & Christine & Katelynn

Rob & Jess & Baby Alex

Mark & Rob are excited that they are not working!