Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! My dear sweet husband gave me and Ipad fro Christmas, I must admit that I am addicted to this wonderful toy! I am sorry to my family for neglecting them while I spend hours of time reading, playing words with friends and running my bakery and my smurf village!

Mark was lucky enough to get a new xbox and a new recliner ( Oh, when I am not sitting in it playing with my IPAD!)

Taylor was super suprised to see she had recieved a bike and a kitchen. Not one but 2 kitchens. Santa brought her one and Grandma Karen gave her a Tinkerbelle Talking Cafe, which she loves. I still have to take a picture of her all dressed up for Tea Time with Tinkerbelle! I promise to have a picture soon!

We are Thankful for all the wonderful family that we were able to spend Christmas with and are hoping next year we might be able to spend it with Mark's family! We will see what happens.
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