Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet our pet Cinderella ( I bet you can guess who named her!) Cinderella was adopted on January 25, 2011. We just adore her, she is a tri-color Guinea pig. Her face is black, her belly is white and the end half of her body is a carmel color. I would say she is kind of cute! She loves it when Taylor holds her and plays with her in the hall way.

Cinderella even loves to eat Cucumber right out of your hand. When we let her run around she always seems to end up finding Taylor's lap. We are glad to have her in our family!


Rushton's said...

Whoa! You are brave. Im not ready for pets to enter into our lives. Do they smell?

Hillary said...

We clean her cage out morning and night, well, scoop the poop out. We fully clean it out once a week and also give her a bath! So, no she doesn't smell at all. How are you doing? Hey do you have a house number? Next time your holding your phone up trying to send a text, send one my way with a phone number I can reach you at!! Ha Ha